The Four Letters that Gurantee Your Success on Social Media

Establishing a close-knit relationship with your audience hasn’t been easier with the rapidly growing popularity of social media. From casual networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram to business networking platforms like LinkedIn, social media as a whole has evolved into something that is profitable and therefore inevitable to utilise in marketing strategies. With our BRDS formula, we aim to help your brand gain awareness and engage new customers at a global level. How? Keep reading.


Working with brands to expand their real potential and clientele is what excites us, and to achieve the best results we have created four steps that we take – BRDS: Branding, Research, Design, Strategy, which always lead to great outcomes without fail.


The first and very crucial part of our creative process is to learn about our client’s brand to gain a deeper understanding of its core values and business objectives. Throughout the process, we adopt and adapt the social media posts according to the brand image and target audience in order to provide contents that are engaging with the most impact.


The foundation of our apprehension of the brand is based heavily on the research – hence we make sure to allow a substantial amount of time to spend on learning about our clients. Garnering insights from the client’s competitors and other case studies, we develop a comprehensive plan to optimise reach and engagement.


This is where our creative juice flows. After researching and brainstorming, we carefully curate and tailor social media contents for our clients according to their needs and goals with a twang of our artistic touch. Our creative talents ensure that each and every single one of our designs is delivered with the highest quality and with our greatest effort. By doing so, we ensure that the brand message our clients want to deliver is loud and clear through our designs. We also cater the contents to different social media platforms, which include Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Wechat, to maintain a cohesive feed while communicating a strong and consistent brand message.


Numbers and charts are very useful when reviewing our work in order to gather more information on our client’s target audience, including when they’re most active, which platform they like the most and what kind of content they enjoy. We then schedule and render the contents accordingly to allow them to reach their highest potential. Thanks to apps like Hootsuite, which allows us to schedule posts ahead of time so that all the contents are published as planned, reaching our client’s target audience at the right place and time hasn’t been easier. In this quintessential stage of the process, we emphasise on the rate of engagement, because this is the outcome we are looking forward to and why our clients need us. Successful contents would generate significantly more likes, shares and followers, and this is what we aim for, to help our clients reach a larger audience and grow a bigger follower count – and at the end, we would get them where they want to be and cultivate together with them.


Our numbers say it all; social Media can be a great asset to boost your business. And along with our expertise and creativity, your brand will reach a wider range of audience and turn followers into customers.


Work with us now to unleash your full potential.