Five ways to make a BIG impact on a small budget

Picture this: you’re a small, start-up company yearning to stand out amongst the big guys but have no idea where to begin. The question is: how do you capture the attention and win the hearts of millions of people with only a small budget that could either make or break your brand? What are the keys to your success? Here are five ingenious ways to make a big company impact on a small budget. Marketing is all about communicating with the customer. The most important thing you need to know is WHAT you want to convey first. We know it may be tempting to want to meet the needs of every customer and develop an array of initiatives for your brand, but this is the exact opposite of what the ‘big guy’ brands are doing. The key to success is to focus solely on one main message – by doing this you can achieve a more committed approach in marketing. With a sole focus for your brand, you can consistently deliver a strong and clear message that breaks through all mainstream advertising, as well as avoid wasting precious time (and money) conveying irrelevant ideas that don’t contribute a cent to your success. Be a smart marketer, not a generous one. Your audience is a fundamental aspect of your marketing scheme. However, how are you supposed to advertise your brand if you don’t even know whose attention you’re trying to grab? The truth is: you CAN’T advertise beer to a 3-year-old. But you CAN pick a suitable audience to leverage your brand: people that both relate and are highly interested in your product. Once you’ve found the perfect target audience, the next step is considering how you should reach them. Online? Offline? Both? The last suggestion is the correct answer. Social media is an extremely beneficial platform for advertising, but beware! It’s a highly competitive platform for marketers and that’s why you need to make sure you are using a platform most suited to your target audience. For a younger demographic: look to Instagram; for a slightly older crowd: Facebook and Pinterest will do the trick! Organising small startup events and campaigns are also additionally effective ways to convey your message to the public. Remember: work with the forces that will make your brand, not break it! Successful brands tell stories. Customers love a good story that is jam-packed with both educational impact and dramatic potential, as well as a concluding message that will stick in their minds for months. Creating a simple yet effective story that incorporates your brands messages is a clear marketing scheme that’s worth your time and effort. The key to the perfect story is integrating a clear protagonist, antagonist and a powerful hero (aka your ingenious brand message). If you follow these tips, yourOR and will be competing with the ‘big guys’ in no time! Never bite off more than you can chew, as it will only lead your company down the dreaded road of failure and possibly make your brand disappear into oblivion. Take account of your financial resources and invest in EFFECTIVE marketing (not mainstream marketing!). You need to keep in mind that although you have great aspirations for your company, the reality is, you may not have the money to see them achieved yet. Therefore, be wise and make cost effective decisions to keep your main brand message in mind and apply that consistently to every marketing scheme you use. If you have successfully followed the four steps above, you may find yourself with a growing customer or fan base. Loyal and devoted supporters can be key in helping to effectively advertise your brand, so why not reward them with a subtly genius incentive? Sign them on as affiliates! Doing so ensures that every time they send a customer your way, they’ll receive a prize. This clever marketing hack will not only give you the boost your brand needs, but also award you with satisfied customers, who will further promote your brand with motivations of a prize. It’s a win-win situation for both parties! Happy customers, happy company! Results depend on how influencers are able to creatively and authentically integrate the brand’s message into their video or post, in a way that works for the brand, themselves and the audience. Paying big bucks for huge media stars doesn’t always work- they do not have an authentic relationship with their following, therefore their followers will be least likely to buy the product that their advertising when doing a brand deal.