KLASSE14 Popup Store – How do you grab customers attention in a busy shopping mall?

One of the busiest shopping malls in Hong Kong: Langham Place, now occupies the newest Klasse 14 pop-up store. Through collaboration, we helped design and curate this new shopping experience.

Klasse14 wanted to introduce a new line of everyday accessories to Hong Kongers in the most distinguish and stylish way. The sense of surprise played a big role when it came to our ideation for the pop-up store, hence why the design includes spotlighting, neon accessories and holographic iconography- to catch passes attention.

We wanted to give customers an engaging and personal experience, by installing many infinity and selfie mirrors, it optimized photo taking opportunities and encourage them to share the store on social media. Overall, the design makes the pop-up noticeable from afar and leaves a lasting impression.