Avo – How do you introduce a new way of insurance to a new generation?

With the advancement of digital insurtech in the Hong Kong market, Avo was created. We began with the ideation process of the new company’s name. Derived from the superfruit avocado, Avo was chosen to represent how the brand’s services are powerful and protective, just like the nutritional fruit itself. We then created a friendly, approachable image for the visual identity. Merging insurance with everyday life, and twisting the perception of traditional insurance, Avo represents a new way of insurance, communicating to millennials in an informative and simple tone of voice and language. Bright colours, fun graphic elements and an adorable mascot that allows a personable way to reach the target insurance markets. Cado, the brand’s mascot evokes a sense of friendship, becoming everyone’s trusty digital companion for a fruitful life.