Heals – how do you transform the traditional ways of healthcare management?

Managing one’s health is a vital yet cumbersome activity. With the improvement of technology over the years, Heals was formed to solve this problem and revolutionise the world of healthcare. From it’s identity to interface, we established Heals’s tone of voice and worked alongside developers to design a user-friendly application that simplifies the user experience when visiting a doctor in Hong Kong and China. We revamped Heals identity by giving it a fresh and modern outlook, with sleek gradients and simple iconography. After thorough analysis and testing of different user’s journey, we developed a new sitemap and structure for the Heals patient app. By understanding the needs of their users, we developed a system that is easy to understand with informative language and strong supporting visuals. After establishing the brand’s identity, we created an eye catching video within the newly designed website that would inform and introduce this innovative product to the market.