Frozen – How do you brand gelato in a fun way?

It’s never too cold for ice cream.

Frozen is an artisanal ice cream brand made with the finest Italian ingredients. They offer more that 25 flavours of the best ice cream made with the most premium quality ingredients, straight from the farms of Italy, without using any additional artificial colourings, aromas, preservatives or emulsifiers; only the freshest fruits and highest quality milk imported from Italy. The founder wanted his brand to be young, playful and friendly because he believes that a gelato can bring help friends and family closer together. Therefore the logo we designed is formed by two bright scoops of ice cream, with playful typography debossed on top of them. They also form two melting hearts, which represent the value of sticking together to show their care for the customers. The chosen brand colours are vibrant and engaging, in order to express the brand purpose and convey its key message in a purely visual way.

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