Blueplate – How do you re-imagine the world of home cooking?

The food revolution is coming.

Blueplate is a brand new digital platform that connects foodies, home chefs and suppliers to share their passion – allowing them to share and enjoy the freshest and most outstanding food that evoke the feeling and familiarity of home cooking wherever and whenever. The founder, Michael Lin, believes in creating a healthy and sustainable world by sharing his love for food one dish at a time; changing the traditional ways of obtaining food, striving to eliminate the excess food waste the current market produces. The logo we designed is an abstract monogram that evokes the feeling of warmth, love and friendship. The chef hat is concealed within the B of Blueplate, which reflects using the platform from the beginning: where the chef prepares their signature dish; while the spoon is concealed within the P, reflecting the last stage of using the platform: where the consumers enjoy their food. The logo’s simplicity reflects the platform’s innovative idea, while still presenting the core idea of love for all things food. Blueplate – everyone’s home chef

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