With headquarters based in Hong Kong, Asia League is a competitive basketball league platform for premier club teams across Asia. We helped to revamp and modernise their brand identity, to fully embody their vision of enhancing greater connectivity and collaboration between lovers of the sport throughout Asia. In order to build and create awareness towards three major events that they hosted this year, we helped to design and develop strong key visuals in various adaptations, that not only were a strong reflection of their new brand revamp, but also were aesthetically eye-catching and bold, which ultimately helped create increasing hype and excitement towards the biggest basketball tournaments held in Asia.

Zele has become a modern and stylish brand that merges fashion with eyewear. With a new visual identity, we elevated Zele from a run of the mill Mainland China eyewear franchise into a fashion forward and eye catching international competitor. After deep study and research about the trends, likes and habits of the youth in local China; we helped Zele develop a new brand image that completely erases it’s pass, giving it a fresh new look. From photography to social media content, we successfully rebuilt Zele’s brand’s perception from scratch; transforming Zele from ordinary to luxury.
In order to provide new sizing options for some of their most popular styles, with Asian guests in mind, lululemon created a new line of athleisure wear, named “Asia Fit”. We helped to develop a consistent identity for this new line, with a wide range of collaterals including signages, size charts, product tags and hangers. From the use of materials to design and implementation, we considered every minute detail and ensured that the new launch ran perfectly and smoothly, in line with their effortlessly cool brand image.
The Greater Bay Area (GBA) Innovation Road is an international project that aims to build a bridge between innovative Italian companies and the rapidly expanding market of Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Through renewing the brand identity and website of the project, we managed to transform its image into a more engaging and cutting-edge event.
Blueplate is a brand new digital platform that connects foodies, home chefs and suppliers to share their passion – allowing them to share and enjoy the freshest and most outstanding food that evoke the feeling and familiarity of home cooking wherever and whenever. The founder, Michael Lin, believes in creating a healthy and sustainable world by sharing his love for food one dish at a time; changing the traditional ways of obtaining food, striving to eliminate the excess food waste the current market produces. The logo we designed is an abstract monogram that evokes the feeling of warmth, love and friendship. The chef hat is concealed within the B of Blueplate, which reflects using the platform from the beginning: where the chef prepares their signature dish; while the spoon is concealed within the P, reflecting the last stage of using the platform: where the consumers enjoy their food. The logo’s simplicity reflects the platform’s innovative idea, while still presenting the core idea of love for all things food. Blueplate – everyone’s home chef
KLASSE14 strives to inspire a new generation of creative personalities and believes in continuously evolving. Recently, they relaunched one of their most colourful watch collections: “Rainbow”. However, colours can’t always be fully expressed using purely words. Therefore we helped design a campaign using the bright colours of the watch’s dial, in combination with vibrant pop elements, creating a fun mood together a funky vibe, thus making the brand really shine and stand out. The campaign is currently running on their website and on all their official social media accounts, including WeChat – where a small game has been especially designed. The game follows the concept of “Living colourfully” and is all about capturing your creativity, allowing players to choose from a series of different statement interior design elements to decorate your dream room.
Alfred is reinventing the way goods and services are being delivered, with a vision to develop the most innovate, reliable and smart locker network in the world. By providing a one-stop destination to receive and deliver goods, they believe they can help save customers time to have more freedom to focus on the things that truly matter. We helped to create their brand identity, defining their key messages and developing strong and striking visuals for all their marketing and sales purposes.
Neat is a one-stop digital payment platform that helps users with all their financial needs.  Through their innovative smart app, users can easily and simply open a current account and manage all their banking anywhere around the world. We helped to revamp their brand identity to convey a fresh and bold spirit that would engage and communicate more effectively to their target audience.
Frozen is an artisanal ice cream brand made with the finest Italian ingredients. They offer more that 25 flavours of the best ice cream made with the most premium quality ingredients, straight from the farms of Italy, without using any additional artificial colourings, aromas, preservatives or emulsifiers; only the freshest fruits and highest quality milk imported from Italy. The founder wanted his brand to be young, playful and friendly because he believes that a gelato can bring help friends and family closer together. Therefore the logo we designed is formed by two bright scoops of ice cream, with playful typography debossed on top of them. They also form two melting hearts, which represent the value of sticking together to show their care for the customers. The chosen brand colours are vibrant and engaging, in order to express the brand purpose and convey its key message in a purely visual way.
The Lunar New Year is China’s most important festival, and is celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. As such, there are many traditions and practices that take place during this festival, such as sending blessings to others through the gifting of Red packets. This year, lululemon had the desire to educate their customers with the concept of what practice is, and what the different expressions mean off the mat. Therefore, for the Lunar New Year, we helped them visualize the idea that “practice takes practice”. We related this concept to key cultural moments by linking 10 chinese traditions to 10 ways of practice, hence coming up with the key chinese message of “十全十美” (10 fulfillments 10 beauty). To resonate with the idea of “十全十美”, we shortlisted 10 different practices that are related to Chinese culture and the Lunar New Year festival itself. Each visual contains different values and the reasons behind them and were adapted to various applications, both online and offline.