AQ is the world’s first block-chain empowered video learning platform that allows users to improve and get connected at any moment. We created an short, informative and fun video that would express learning as a fun pass time. By using enduring illustrations, we’re able to capture the attention of younger audience members and showcase the educational app in a playful manner.
To promote awareness for the 2019 World Parkinson’s Day, we worked with the Italian chemical-pharmaceutical company Zambon to create a social campaign to raise awareness on this condition. The digital campaign aims to give voice to the people living with Parkinson to raise awareness on their condition and the challenges they face everyday. By using a 3D effect as a consistent element throughout all the key visuals, we conveyed the tremors and the stiffening movements which are common symptoms of the disease. We created a campaign that is powerful thanks to the use of bold typography that really gives importance to the patients’ feelings and make their message stand out.
To celebrate 2019 International Women’s Day, we worked with Maserati to create a social campaign that would relate to the brand’s heritage and history. We created an engaging story featuring Maria Teresa de Filippis, the first woman F1 driver. By using black and white imagery as a consistent design element throughout all social media channels, we created a campaign that was nostalgic and powerful. We create catchy and bold slogans for the campaign, alongside personable copywriting that would inspire their audience. Dare to inspire.

One of the busiest shopping malls in Hong Kong: Langham Place, now occupies the newest Klasse 14 pop-up store. Through collaboration, we helped design and curate this new shopping experience.

Klasse14 wanted to introduce a new line of everyday accessories to Hong Kongers in the most distinguish and stylish way. The sense of surprise played a big role when it came to our ideation for the pop-up store, hence why the design includes spotlighting, neon accessories and holographic iconography- to catch passes attention.

We wanted to give customers an engaging and personal experience, by installing many infinity and selfie mirrors, it optimized photo taking opportunities and encourage them to share the store on social media. Overall, the design makes the pop-up noticeable from afar and leaves a lasting impression.

Managing one’s health is a vital yet cumbersome activity. With the improvement of technology over the years, Heals was formed to solve this problem and revolutionise the world of healthcare. From it’s identity to interface, we established Heals’s tone of voice and worked alongside developers to design a user-friendly application that simplifies the user experience when visiting a doctor in Hong Kong and China. We revamped Heals identity by giving it a fresh and modern outlook, with sleek gradients and simple iconography. After thorough analysis and testing of different user’s journey, we developed a new sitemap and structure for the Heals patient app. By understanding the needs of their users, we developed a system that is easy to understand with informative language and strong supporting visuals. After establishing the brand’s identity, we created an eye catching video within the newly designed website that would inform and introduce this innovative product to the market.

The Age of New Species

This concept is inspired by the new creative director Paul Surrides’s latest collection at Roberto Cavalli. Branding Records designed a pop-up store as well as the design collaterals to marketing strategies, surrounding the idea of mixing animal prints and vibrant colours to attract new customers. Successfully re-introducing the already renowned Italian brand into the Asia market.
In order to provide new sizing options for some of their most popular styles, with Asian guests in mind, lululemon created a new line of athleisure wear, named “Asia Fit”. We helped to develop a consistent identity for this new line, with a wide range of collaterals including signages, size charts, product tags and hangers. From the use of materials to design and implementation, we considered every minute detail and ensured that the new launch ran perfectly and smoothly, in line with their effortlessly cool brand image.
The Lunar New Year is China’s most important festival, and is celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. As such, there are many traditions and practices that take place during this festival, such as sending blessings to others through the gifting of Red packets. This year, lululemon had the desire to educate their customers with the concept of what practice is, and what the different expressions mean off the mat. Therefore, for the Lunar New Year, we helped them visualize the idea that “practice takes practice”. We related this concept to key cultural moments by linking 10 chinese traditions to 10 ways of practice, hence coming up with the key chinese message of “十全十美” (10 fulfillments 10 beauty). To resonate with the idea of “十全十美”, we shortlisted 10 different practices that are related to Chinese culture and the Lunar New Year festival itself. Each visual contains different values and the reasons behind them and were adapted to various applications, both online and offline.

With headquarters based in Hong Kong, Asia League is a competitive basketball league platform for premier club teams across Asia. We helped to revamp and modernise their brand identity, to fully embody their vision of enhancing greater connectivity and collaboration between lovers of the sport throughout Asia. In order to build and create awareness towards three major events that they hosted this year, we helped to design and develop strong key visuals in various adaptations, that not only were a strong reflection of their new brand revamp, but also were aesthetically eye-catching and bold, which ultimately helped create increasing hype and excitement towards the biggest basketball tournaments held in Asia.

In order to organically grow greater brand awareness and customer signups for new digital food platform Blueplate, we knew that helping them build a strong and dynamic brand presence online would be the key to boost customer engagement. After doing thorough market research and analysis, we helped to create curated content, specifically tailored to their brand identity and message, and strategically post and manage marketing materials across the most popular social media platforms. Within the first few months of rolling out the campaign, Blueplate saw a significant rise in customer signups joining their platform and was successful in seeing rising numbers for both partners and email subscribers.